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and three sons. in colorado, today, prosecutors in the case against james holmes abandoned their efforts to get a hold of a notebook that holmes mailed to his psychiatrist. holmes is the suspect in that movie theater massacre in july. barry peterson reports that holmes appeared today with a whole new look. >> reporter: this is how james holmes looked in his previous court appearances-- disheveled long hair dyed orange, and inattentive to the point of almost seeming to fall asleep as if he was dazed or on medication. but today, a whole different look and demeanor. his dark brown hair close cropped, a beard and mustache neatly trimmed. and he was alert, following the proceedings, at times even looking into the audience as attorneys argued over access to the notebook he allegedly mailed to the university of colorado. a swat team was called in when it was discovered in the school mail room four days after the shooting. it was addressed to university psychiatrist dr. lynne fenton, who had treated holmes while he was a student there. sources say the notebook contains sketches and notes alleged
right now, in this moment. (remote control clicks) (remote clatters to floor) spot on. sherlock holmes. please don't get comfortable. we won't be here long. mr. holmes, did your father tell you about me or not? uh, he e-mailed, said to expect some sort of addict-sitter. well, then he explained his conditions with respect to your sobriety? well, if you mean his threats to evict me from this, the shoddiest and the least renovated of the five-- count them, five-- properties he owns in new york, then yeah, he made his conditions quite clear. i use, i wind up on the street. i refuse your, quote-unquote, "help," i wind up on the street. it's my understanding that most sober companions are recovering addicts themselves, but... you've never had a problem with drugs or alcohol. your father told you. of course he didn't. uh, would you care to explain why you broke out of your rehab facility the same day you were being released? bored. you were bored? no, i am bored right now. it happens often; you'll get used to it. regarding our mutual friends at hemdale, i'd say they should be thanking me for
pressed to move holmes trial forward. >> reporter: shooting suspect james holmes appeared in a courtroom looking different. his bright orange hair is gone and so is his dazed expression. this time he had short brown hair, neatly trimmed beard and mustache and smiled and glanced around the room. during the hearing the prosecutors gave up their efforts to gain a notebook that holmes send to a psychiatrist. the notebook is thought contain details of a violent attack. holmes was a graduate student at the neuroscience program at the university before he with drew days before the shooting. the 4-year-old is charged with 142 count including murder and attempted murder for allegedly opening fire at the opening night showing of the bat man movie in aurara. defense attorneys argued that the notebook shouldn't be released because of doctor-patient privilege. if holmes lawyers mount an insanity defense they have to waive doctor-patient privilege. >> coming up, red flag. stalker violence reaches a disturbing now level after a disturbing new level after a live grenade is discovered on the field during
, the curious actions of sherlock holmes, going to great lengths and heights to pay tribute to their heroes. when the first settlers arrived in australia they brought with than their european culture of it came to dominate the country, but in recent years their links with asia have started to grow. as duncan kennedy reports, a new generation is making its mark. >> 3.4 million australians have an asian ancestral background and now call australia home. this is the annual celebration of australian-asian ancestry in sydney. >> being in australia, i feel indian, but in india i feel australian. i am fortunate to have the best of both worlds? >> this marketing in sydney is an example of the growing focus. a company run by the hong kong born [unintelligible] >> at i am very proud chinese, going back to hong kong and china once a year, i do consider myself australian and chinese at the same time. >> half of all the agents in australia are under 20. they can find conflict with their first generation parents, whose heart, if not their head, remains in their homeland. it has been nearly 40 years since
anymore for james holmes, who is charged with killing about 12 people, wounding 58 others at an aurora movie theater back in july. >>> one of the men convicted in the murder of the popular principle is dead. police said that the 21-year- old of southeast was shot and killed when he tried to shoot himself last night. he was fresh out of prison, released in april after serving 18 months behind bars for his part of the death of the middle school principal. >>> the chairman of the house oversight government reform committee, they are welcoming in a new report by the department of justices inspector general. they call the report a huge step forward. the fast and furious was aimed at tracking the gun smuggling to the mexican drug cartel. they lost track and many ended in the crime scenes. >> it's a poster child for what you don't do with the deadly weapons. you don't want to lose track of them. you don't allow more and more and more of them to go, while, in fact, you are already seeing the affects of those weapons here, killing people in mexico. >> the inspector general's report mostly blame
of evidence in the case. they are hoping to see the notebook that james holmes sent to his therapist days before the shooting. prosecutors could still likely get access that notebook later on. in another new development in the case, the sheriffs department released a new booking photo of james holmes. in this picture he looks a lot different. he has short brown hair. hostments is facing $holmes is facing -- holmes is facing 152 charges. >>> now today is the first of 13 mandatory furlough days for many city workers. some say the furloughs are illegal so they plan to go to work. city workers are not commenting today. they say they will discipline any worker that attempts to provide public services on furlough days. >>> walmart is phasing out sales of a popular electronic device. the world's largest retailer announced it would stop selling the amazon kindle when the current supply is gone. that is expected to be before the holiday shopping season gets under way. target stopped offering the kindle in its stores last may. >>> it's 4:48 if you want to go back over to sal. how does it look? >> i
who ran him over and opened up the gate. >> gus: hobbi in for holmes, a redshirt freshman. this will be a game he'll remember for the rest of his life, because he's had a rough debut. third down and 12 at the 48. as they back it up. now the ball spotted he 42. there's colin holmes. shoulder pads off. second and 22 at the 42. curtis mcneal. here comes the blitz. barkley -- goes out again for the fourth time! and a time-out called by sc. heir final time-out. it's about the friends you go to bat for. the ones who'll be there when they say they will. even if being there means crossing state lines. with no questions asked. because guys that leave no buddy behind deserve a beer that leaves no taste behind. and with great friends and a great tasting light beer, it's not just a good time. it's miller time. seconds away from beating the number-two team in the nation. the usc, third down and 28 for matt barkley. >> referee: false start, number 70, offense, five-yard penalty, still third down. >> gus: andre lker, the sophomore left tackle from cleveland, ohio. >> charles: i thought t
's the word from our producer inside the courtroom. certainly a change from the dazed looking james holmes we've seen in the past few months. another big difference, the orange hair is gone. here is how holmes looked in july. now that orange color has been replaced and updated booking photo. he has short brown hair and short beard. today prosecutors dropped their fight to get access to that notebook. remember that? the notebook which reportedly contains violent descriptions of a planned attack. the prosecutors say holmes had mailed that notebook to his psychiatrist before he ever allegedly killed anybody. of course, defense attorneys have said that holmes is mentally ill and was seeking help in that, but police say james holmes killed 12 people and wounded dozens more in colorado. dan springer live from colorado. is this a big blow to the prosecution? it sounds as if it's really part of a strategy. >> it's hard to say. we don't know exactly what's in the notebook. there has been a lot of speculation that it contains an angry confession. the bottom line is, prosecutors have a lot of evidence t
. >> welcome back from charlotte. >> i didn't mean that. >>> let's move on to katie holmes. she is stepping out, speaking out for the first time since her high-profile divorce from tom cruise. we're going to hear all about it in just a little bit. >> you're' giant in my eyes. >> josh, with the news. >>> we're going to begin with news about the economy. the labor department said employers created 96,000 jobs, 30,000 some fewer. unplemt fell from 8.3% to 8.1%. that's because almost 400,000 people gave up searching for a job. so they're no longer counted as unemployed. the most job losses were government and manufacturing sectors. mitt romney called the job loss report the hangover after the convention proving the policies have not worked and if that's to undermine his momentum. president obama traveling to iowa and new hampshire. last night he called november's election the clearest choice in the generation, claiming the past offered by the democrats is harder but will lead to a better place. to counter that. mitt romney's campaign releasing 50 new tv ads in eight states today. >>> and health off
shooting in colorado james holmes. court documents released today reveal james holmes threatened an unidentified professor while he was still a student at the university of colorado. according to prosecutors, that professor reported the threats and holmes was banned from campus as a result. defense attorneys say those accusations of threats are false. >>> but police confirm today the gunman behind a deadly workplace shooting in minneapolis had been played off hours before opening fire. another person died today raising the death toll to six now which includes the shooter who took his own life. the company's founder was among the dead. >>> coming up on 9news arnold schwarzenegger promises to tell all in his new autobiography. >> what does maria think about the memoir and bringing this all up? >> i think maria is wishing me well with everything i do. >> more from the 60 minute interview when we come back. krystal conwell : we see a lot of problems with the... number of students that we have. resources. materials. things that the children need... on a day-to-day basis. anncr: questi
was made by holmes owards blank. here the name of the professor is blacked out or, in legal terms, redacted. the document says the unnamed professor then terminated their relationship with holmes and heported the threat to niversity of colorado campus police. amosecutors say the school then banned holmes from the campus. in another document, defense attorneys say three days after the friday night shooting they called the campus to report the existence of a package mailed from holmes to the university. that prompted a swat team to recover the package from a campus mail room. documents say inside the package the technician found a notebook with a post-it note. cbs news sources say that notebook has drawings and writings about a mass shooting. today the notebook is under court-ordered seal, but documents reveal a police officer on the scene fanned through the notebook before it was handed over as evidence. the defense documents also revealed that it has hired a sychiatric expert who will also testify on holmes' behalf, but nothing in the document says that mental illness will be used as a defe
. prosecutors expected to make their case for access to a notebook that shooting suspect james holmes sent to a university psychiatrist. we're live live at the courthouse. >> reporter: hi, everybody, rick folbaum in the control room, new stories we're working on on "happening now," including on capitol hill where lawmakers are hearing from the inspector general on and furious scandal. we have a live preview of that coming up in just a couple of minutes. >> also this hour, another court date for james holmes, we'll tell you what prosecutors are trying to get their hands on and how it could impact their case. >>> and president obama has told voters in one u.s. state that if you help us win here, we win the whole enchilada. does virginia hold the key to victory for the president or governor romney? an in-depth look at the contest in the old dominion state. that and breaking news as the second hour of "happening now" starts right now. jon: the long-awaited watchdog report on operation and furious hailed on capitol hill as a step in the right direction. welcome the second hour of "happening now
they want to get across. . >>> james holmes the man accused of killing 12 people in a colorado movie theater was back in court today. this time without the red hair. prosecutors gave up their fight to see the notebook that holmes sent to a therapist. they said they didn't want to delay the case further. in court some of the victims families requested that the notebook be made public. holmes is charged with 142 counts including murder and attempted murder and today the judge accepted a request to add ten more counts of attempted murder. >>> the united states is fighting pr campaign in pakistan. ads are running denouncing the anti islamic film that sparked protests. security forces trying to keep crowds of protesters from reaching the united states embassy. the united states government wants people to know that it doesn't support the film. the state department is spending about $70,000 on the ad, violence related to the film has left about 30 people dead in seven countries >>> two years after the president ordered the surge in afghanistan the hat of the troops have left the country. officials
in the colorado movie theater attack. james holmes is accused of killing 12 people at an opening of the movie "the dark knight rises." at issue today is if a doctor-patient relationship existed when holmes sent a notebook to a psychiatrist. defense attorneys say the material is privileged information. prosecutors want the notebook entered as evidence. the prosecutors are also expected to file ten additional charges against holmes. >>> today a very special guest at american university. aung suh chi will speak. she was under house arrest and could not travel to respect it. she is internationally respected as a peaceful fighter for human rights. >>> a maryland plastic surgery center is closed indefinitely after a patient died and two others developed serious life threatening injuries. all three patients went to the spa in the past three weeks. the infections are usually mild, but can be deadly if it infects the lungs or blood. officials released a statement saying it is always concerned for the well-being of its patients. the health department says anyone who has been treated there and is concerned a
, columnist for the "chicago tribune" and amy holmes. ryan lizza, should the media have taken this tragedy, this undeniable tragedy and turned it into a kind of narrative finger-pointing between the candidates? >> well, look, the people who covered the campaign cover the campaign so you don't necessarily have foreign policy expects sitting there day in and day out traveling these, you know, ridiculous hours with mitt romney. you've got campaign reporters am and when mitt romney comes out and gives a statement that's critical of the president, you know, the natural inclination is going to feed that into the campaign narrative and ask questions that are much more related to the campaign. i think the one question that didn't go asked and should is the policy question of what is the republican/romney position on the response to the arab spring. >> i'm going to come back to that, but clarence page, romney started it by putting out that late night statement it turns out before we even knew the magnitude of this strategy. and, of course, that's the story but for the next, what, 24, 48 hours he ma
on the other. kat... now, from a comedy about lifelong friends to a reboot of sherlock holmes... to a hotshot lawyer from jersey to an epic drama about how sin city got its start, this season, cbs has it all. first up, from the creators of will & grace... david krumholtz and michael urie star as lifelong best friends in the new comedy partners. i really like where we put the game room. that's not a game room, joe. that's a spa. for you and your wife, it can be a spa. but for me and my wife, it's going to be a game room. who's your wife? alyssa milano. who's your wife? bette midler. is that the lady that lives on the corner? oh, my god, you know nothing. look, if you would just allow us to think about our... no. no, no, no, no. that's your problem, you think too much. sometimes you just got to go with your gut. no, no, that's your problem, you only go with your gut. that's why you have a tattoo of clay aiken on your ass. louis: may i just say, rosanna, that the way you're presenting your bosom this morning is sure to make bernardo the envy of every shark at the rumble. and may i just say-- jok
holmes... / the... man accused ...in the colorado... movie theater ... shooting.../.the... d---a... told a judge ... even if... prosecutors show... that the notebook ... isn't protected... by... doctor-patient privilege... / it... would likely... be appealed.../. prosecutors... don't want to delay proceedings... for holmes.../, who's charged with... killing 12 eople... nd wounding 58 .... july 20-th...//. if... the defense... claims insanity.../ then... prosecutors... would ggin access... to the notebook. they're ... one... mother- daughter duo ... you... don't want to mess with. with.when... rebecca larson... came homee one day .../ and... saw a burglar... holding some cash ...from her purse... / she... locked heeself... in... with the crook.../ and... told her daughter ...to ggab her gun..../with... her daughter's gun... poinned at the suspect... / rebecca... managed o keep him... tied up... until police arrived. larson says: "this is our home we worked ard. it's our personal stuff and if he wants stuff like this he
coming up next: new documents are shedding light on what suspect james holmes did to a professsor in the weeks before he opened fire in a crowded colorado movie theater. also ahead: police in minnesota investigate a workplace shooting that left four people, including the business' owner, and the suspected shooter dead. ....and the latest in michigan on the search for jimmy hoffa's remains. uuele more information is being released about the man on trial for the shooting rampage in colorado that killed 12 people and injured 58. prosecutors say james holmes was barred from being on campus because he threatened a professor weeks before the shootings. holmes lawyers deny that-- to only non-public parts of campus because he had withdrawn from the school. the shootings occurred on july twentieth at the midnight showing of the latest batman movie in aurora. minutes before the shooting, his attorney says holmes tried to call his university 5 people are dead after a shooting at a business in minneapolis yesterday. police say a man opened fire inside a sign company killing four people
serious questions as to why the university of colorado cops did not report james holmes to outside authorities. the suspect remains behind bars facing 152 charges in the shooting that killed 12 and injured 58 others. more from randall pinkston in new york. >> reporter: court documents confirm shooting suspect james holmes threatened a colorado university professor before his rampage. prosecutors say the university then banned the neuroscience grad student from campus, but defense attorneys say not so. they say holmes had already begun the process of with drawing from school and that's why his campus key card had been deactivated. the newly released court documents are filled blacked out names and entire pages to protect witnesses and holmes' right to a fair trial but offer a peek into the legal proceedings that have gone on since the mass killing at this colorado movie theater in july. holmes is also known to have mailed a notebook to a university psychiatrist describing a violent attack. the defense says the notebook is protected under doctor/patient privilege and does not want i
theater massacre. officials say james holmes was banned from the university of colorado for allegedly threatening a ppofessor. after tte shooting the university said holmes had een denied access to non-public parts because he had withdrawn from the school. the defense argues that those allegations are falss....and that holmes is mentally iil. but prosecutors suggest holmes was angry about his ffiling academic career. holmes faces 152 charges related to the shooting that 588others. eople and injured a ttp into one oo the &ppations most ffmous cold case led police to dig up a privvwayyin detroii. ájimmy hoffaá ...the union officials disappeared in 19-75. hh's presumed dead...but hii body has never been found. but last month a tipster told police he'ddseenn someone buried near the home. samples which will be analyzed to see if eviience oo human remains are ffund. "i don't think it's mr. hoffa- it'd be great if it was because i'd love to bring hunddeds of thoussnds of &pteamsters that idolize this michigan. just to southeastern officials are also a bit skeptical because they ssy the mo
james holmes from its campus after he threatened a professor. court officials did not release that person's name but the allegation does conflict with previous statements from university officials who had said they denied holmes access to nonpublic areas because he dropped out of school. other court documents show the defense denies the prosecution's allegations. police say that back in july james holmes killed 12 people and wounded a dozen more during a mid night screening of the latest batman movie. alicia acuna live in our rockie mountain newsroom it's our understanding the judge is keeping a lot of this case under wraps, still. >> that's right. despite 57 different court documents released today, a lot of it redact and they actually released this one to us. if you look at it. there is really not a whole lot there yeah, they gave this to us. we did pull one quote for you so that you can kind of try to make something of this. it reads police chief abraham then removed the redacted from the redacted and held it by the redacted to make sure that there was nothing redacted. we
. >> whoa. >> welcome back from charlotte. >> i didn't mean that. >>> let's move on to katie holmes. she is stepping out, speaking out for the first time since her high-profile divorce from tom cruise. we're going to hear all about it in just a little bit. >> thank you very much. >>> time for some news. >> sometimes there's no turn like that of morning television. i'm going to go back to charlotte. we're going to begin with news that could be pivotal, now, for the presidential election, as the democratic national convention drew to a close last night. this morning, we're going to find out how many jobs were created across the country last month. we're expecting to hear that about 125,000 jobs were created. not enough to make a dent in the unemployment rate. if the government reports a higher-than-expected number this morning, wall street could extend its big rally. the dow did gain 244 points just yesterday. >>> president obama hits the road today, traveling to the battleground states of new hampshire and iowa. during last night's convention speech, the president acknowledged his own fai
, number 90 who ran him over and opened up the gate. >> gus: hobbi in for holmes, a redshirt freshman. this will be a game he'll remember for the rest of his life, because he's had a rough debut. third down and 12 at the 48. as they back it up. now the ball spotted at the 42. there's colin holmes. shoulder pads off. second and 22 at the 42. curtis mcneal. here comes the blitz. barkley -- goes out again for the fourth time! and a time-out called by sc. their final time-out. it's about the friends you go to bat for. the ones who'll be there when they say they will. even if being there means crossing state lines. with no questions asked. because guys that leave no buddy behind deserve a beer that leaves no taste behind. and with great friends and a great tasting light beer, it's not just a good time. it's miller time. seconds away from beating the number-two team in the nation. the usc, third down and 28 for matt barkley. >> referee: false start, number 70, offense, five-yard penalty, still third down. >> gus: andre walker, the sophomore left tackle from cleveland, ohio. >> charles: i th
in the country. ktvu's healther holmes first brought us this report last -- heather holmes first brought us this report last december. >> reporter: o' doulle bridge was built in young but did not receive very good safety rating. >> nobody wants to hear what they're riding on isn't safe. >> reporter: a national transportation reform coalition says the bay area is at the front of a disturbing national trend. cities with ages bridges that need infrastructure updates. the report shows the results of years of under investing in infrastructure. >> this is essentially people ignoring basic infrastructure fact which is things don't last forever. >> reporter: and nowhere is it more obvious than right leer -- right here in the bay area. san francisco was only second to pittsburgh with the worse bridges in the state. the san jose sunny vale, santa clara area ranked first in metro areas of its size with 189 deficient bridges or nearly 19%. >> just because it's there for us now doesn't mean it'll be there for us in the future. unless we focus and make improvements. >> when we come back on a second look
holmes. holmes is accused of opening fire in a movie theatre. 12 people were killed. 58 others were injured. he is scheduled in court for a motions hearing on thursday morning. >>> some businesses keep an eye on tomorrow. we will get the weekly reading of first-time unemployment benefit claims. economist are expecting that number to drop. >>> and the space shuttle endeavor flying atop a modified 747 will finally arrive in california. it's expected to land at edwards airforce base tomorrow night before making a tour of the golden state. the savings really stack up during sleep train's inventory clearance sale. save 10%, 20%, even 35% on a huge selection of simmons and sealy clearance mattresses. get 2 years interest-free financing on tempur-pedic. even get free delivery! sleep train stacks the savings high to keep the prices low. the inventory clearance sale is on now. superior service, best selection, lowest price, guaranteed! ♪ sleep train ♪ your ticket to a better night's sleep ♪ >>> a new study shows a dangerous chemical could be lurking in rice. consumer reports says it fo
're going to follow throughout the day on nbc. >>> accused aurora theater shooter james holmes will be in a colorado courtroom for a motions hearing today. a judge in the case will decide whether to approve prosecutors' requests to add ten charges to the 152 counts holmes already faces for the alleged murder of 12 people at the midnight showing of "the dark knight rises" back in july. 58 others were injured. >>> on capitol hill, a joint congressional committee will hold the so-called first nail ceremony to mark the beginning of the 2013 inaugural platform construction. >>> finally, happy birthday to actress sophia loren who turns 78 years old today. happy birthday. >>> and all day long you can stay on top of the very latest developments in those stories and others as they break on msnbc. tonight, be sure to watch brian williams with "nbc nightly news." >>> finally, here's a look at what's coming up later this morning on the "today" show. "gossip girl" star kelly rutherford will be live in studio to share the emotional story of her ongoing battle for custody of her children. >>>
telemun telemundo. >>> en colorado, las autoridades dieron a conocer la foto de james holmes, acusado de ataque que dejÓ muertos en un cine de aurora la fiscalÍa negÓ el acceso del cuaderno que holmes leen voy a siquiatra, esto para no atrasar el proceso. >>> agentes federales encontraron a unos 80 indocumentados en el suroeste de harris en texas, las autoridades dieron con la vi voen da tras lanzar una operaciÓn de bÚsqueda de una joven indocumentado de nicaragua que al parecer estaba secuestrada una madre pidiÓ ayuda porque los presuntos coyotes exigÍan rescate. dos sosopechosos fueron arrestados. el presidente electo mÉxico peÑa nieto dispondrÁ de 11, 5 millones de dÓlares procedentes del er rÍo para el proceso de transiciÓn del poder que asumirÁ el primero de diciembre mÁs del doble de los 5 flo necesario de dÓlares que se asignÓ en 2008 el presidente obama cuando asumiÓ la casa blanca analistas consideran que mÉxico tiene uno de los procesos de cambio de gobierno mÁs largo y costoso del mundo, al regreso, quÉ dice un estudio sobre el embarazo y el diagnÓstico d
holmes. holmes is accused of killing 12 and injuring 58 more during a screening of "dark knight rises" on july 20th. >>> police plan to take soil samples in the backyard of a michigan home where authorities have been told the body of former teamster boss jimmy hoffa may have been buried. this after a dying man told police he saw men moving a black bag at that spot hours after hoffa went missing more than 35 years ago. >>> and happy birthday to actress mira sorvino who turns 45. >>> all day long you can stay on top of the very latest developments in those stories and others as they break on msnbc. and tonight be sure to watch brian williams with "nbc nightly news." >>> and, finally, here's a look at what's coming up later this morning on the "today" show. meet the lucky 12-year-old boy who received his first kiss from country music superstar carrie underwood. >>> and comedian chelsea handler sits down with savannah to talk about the new season of "chelsea lately" and her plea to tom cruise. >>> and now keep it on this channel for continuing local news, weather, sports, and more. i'm ly
, prosecutors say james holmes was banned from the campus for threatening a professor weeks before the shooting. holmes right now facing 152 charges of murder and attempted murder for the july 20th shooting spree that killed 20 people at "the batman the dark knight rises." >>> and ceo tim cook is apologizing for a map app that does not live up to apple standards. scott mcgrew reports that this is the second time in apple's history saying they blew it. >> they had to call a special press conference on the iphone 4 antenna. and cook posted a letter on the web site this morning apologizing for the software. he says apple will keep working nonstop until maps live up to expectatio expectations. he suggests you download different software or google web-based maps until it is fixed. remember we had gadget friday and boosted boards. the electric skateboards that can go as much as 25 miles per hour. we tried it in the newsroom afterwards. look at that. jon, how about that? and jon being the gentleman as laura checked it out. >> come on, jon. >> hand held remote. look at her go. i think mike tried someth
holmes threatened a supervisor. the university has said holmes was denied access -- to certain areas of the campus because he had withdrawn from school. >>> morgan police are accusing a woman for stealing and lettering her -- letting her daughter pay for the bill. she did not pay for the groceries and told her daughter to wait by the door with the cart and and got her car and told her daughter -- bring the -- told her daughter bring the cart when i drive up. >> i don't really know her but it doesn't seem like her morals are there. >>> new information shows more americans are living in downtown urban areas. the census bureau says 16 million americans now live within two miles of a city hall. that's about 6% of the entire american population. researchers believe americans are moving into downtown areas to be closer to their job. >>> the owner of a walnut creek nightclub plans to fight the city over unfair allegations. the owner is supposed to meet to might -- to discuss a forced conditional permit. it sets a closing time and regulates the sale of alcohol. the owner says the city is try
. according to these papers, james holmes threatened a colorado university professor before the massacre. prosecutors claim the grad student was banned from campus, but defense attorneys say he'd already begun to withdraw from school by then. holmes is also known to have mailed a notebook to a university psychiatrist describing a potential violent attack. that notebook is protected by doctor/patient privilege, that according to the defense as well. >>> drunk drivers beware. after a flurry of lawsuits the d.c. breathalyzer program is back. all this is after they conducted a 20 month overhaul of the program because the machines were giving faulty readings. mayor vincent gray said a grant from the national highway traffic safety administration helped to buy the new machines and software and fix the issue. >>> our andrea mccarren was honored today for her work documenting underaged drinking. mothers against drunk driving awarded venezuelan and our photographer dave satchell the 2012 immediate -- awarded andrea and our photographer dave satchell the 2012 media award. the coverage covered a li
a motion... to add 10 charges to the 142 already against james holmes.holmes is accused of opening fire in july... at a midnight showing of the lateet batman movie.12 people were killed... and 58 others injured. infections and deaths... irus - continue to rise. a recent report finds a total oo 31- hundred-42 casessso far this season... resulting in 134 year one of the worst outbreaks of the mosqqito-borne disease... ever currently no treatment or vaccine for the virus. connumer reports is issuing a warning thiss morningg.. about dangerous levels of arsenic found in mann brrnds of rice.innhigg doses... arsenic is linked to other illneeses. the f-d-a sayy it plans to collect its own samples... and make a recommendation by thh end of the year. the rice industry says the concerns are overblown. your mailbox may be getting a lot more "junk mail" soon.the new york times reports the to increase its direct-mail advertising customer base.that mail" deliveries to millions of mailboxes... and a lot more revenue for the struggling u-s-p-s.postal service officials estimate incceased mail marketi
holmes revealed holmes tried to reach the university of colorado's psychiatrist nine times before the shooting. the psychiatrist is the same doctor who holmes landly mailed a notebook to de-- allegedly mailed a notebook to detailing the attack. prosecutors are trying to say holmes did not send that notebook for therapy. his next hearing is scheduled september 20th. >>> the federal government is trying to partially reinstate a fine against virginia tech stemming from the 2007 shooting massacre saying the university's delayed response to shootings violated federal rules. the department of education initially fined the university $55,000, but a judge tossed out the fine in april saying the university did not violate any rules. education secretary arne duncan is now seeking half of that fine as punishment. the university could appeal. >>> 15 years after her tragic death the world is remembering princess diana. the princess of wales died in a car crash in 1997 trying to escape paparazzi in paris. she married prince charles in 1981, had two sons william and harry, divorced in 1996. ther
the startng to mark of greyhound bus service and union station. eleanor holmes norton will over the event. greyhound service at union .tation begins tomorrow montgomery county police investigating a stabbing in just aftervillage 10:30. was outside an apartment complex. a man was stabbed several times. we don't know his condition or what led to it. police of not release any information on the suspects. will be a devastating day liberty highat school in fauquier county. >> a 16-year-old ian heflin was y morning when the was in a crash. his sister was seriously injured. the teenage driver was not injured./ a lunchtime memorial was held to heflin, who was a player.lacrosse >> he was like a firefly. >> he was fine and happy when i saw him. and then he's not there. everyone.y rough for >> police are investigating the crash. teenagers were wearing seat belts. >> the d.c. board of elections will hold a voter registration today from 10:00 a.m. 3:00 p.m. square, they will people toging register. otherere are several locations throughout the city. >> the president and first lady york city. will atte
to alter it or conceal the role of those involved. >> in colorado the accused shooter james holmes is facing 10 new charges. he faces 24 counts of first degree murder and 116 counts of attempts murder. they are fight to go get access to a notebook that holmes sent to his psychiatrist before the shooting. it contains violent descriptions that may foreshadow the attack that left 12 dead and 58 others injured. holmes lawyer says the notebook should be withheld because of a doctor patient confidentiality rule. >> turns out only journeying zimmerman's dna is found on the gun used to fatally shoot trayvon martin. the findings could undermine zimmerman's self defense claim. he told police martin went for the gun and the tests prove martin never touched the grip of the gun. but they weren't inconclusive as to whether he may have touched the holster. space shuttle endeavor touches down in houston, texas and will make another pit stop before moving on to the new home in california. it is riding on the back of a 747. delays from leaving the kennedy space certainty cut the shuttle stay in hous
are searching for a man who grabbed a woman during a morning jog. it happened this morning on holmes run trail. natasha barrett is there. >> that woman is ok. she was not hurt. what worries people is the playground and another playground and on this side of the street people live over here. it happened on a morning jog around 6:00 a.m. today on this bypass in alexandria -- on this bike path. police say the man grabbed the woman from behind, but she broke free screens, and ran off. >> getting exercise. you see everybody jogging. >> parents with their children, people working now come to this bike trail all of the time. one woman usually runs alone. >> i only job when it is light outside.i do not know what i will do. maybe i will not job by myself year is a description of the suspect we have from police. he is about 5 feet, 6 inches, and after the attack, he ran off in the direction of van dorn street. natasha barrett, abc 7 news. >> thank you for that. a man allegedly accused of videotaping up women's skirts, a man with a backpack that kept brushing up against a woman two days in a row, with a
... an alleged mass murderer sent to a psychiatrist. 24 year-old james holmes allegedly opened-fire inside a movie theater in july... killing 12 people and wounding 58. holmes talked to a university of colorado psychiatrist more than a month before the rampage, and mailed her a package the day before the shooting spree. his lawyers argued the contents of the package are confidential. prosecutors also want to add ten charges to the 142 holmes already faces. the boy who's credited with launching the investigation against jerry sandusky is coming out with a book about the ordeal. sandusky will be sentenced next month after he was convicted of sexually abusing ten boys. "victim number one" testified that he met sandusky through his second mile foundation. he and his mother reported sandusky to the boy's high school in november of 2009. that complaint triggered the investigation that led to criminal charges. victim number one's book may come out next month. as the cook county sheriff's office continues working to identify serial killer john wayne gacy's unidentified victims.. the investigation
this with republican analyst amy holmes in new york and democratic strategist maria cardona in washington. maria, let me start with you on this one. mitt romney's certainly trying to ride this convention wave to victory. what do we expect to hear today? what do you think people do need to hear from romney today? >> well, i think what he really needs to start doing is something that he really didn't do at the convention, which is fill in the blanks. you know, he talked a lot about generalities, which frankly is what he's been doing throughout the campaign. he had a lot of good lines in the convention speech, talked a lot about women, talked a lot about immigrants in terms of being an immigrant nation, but he really did not offer any specifics on how he would help those women and how he would help those immigrants, and frankly, how he would move back to the center on some of the very extreme phrases and things that he has said about immigration. so, i think that in the weeks ahead, he's really going to have to fill in those blanks, which were quite blatant during the speech. >> amy, ohio's certainly a
that are actually just coming on-line right now about this man, james holmes, who is allegedly behind that horrifying movie theater massacre in aurora, colorado. the court there just released some records that may shed some new light on this case and this man, including details about his personal notebook. some have called it a journal. whatever it was, he mailed it to his university psychiatrist. i want to get straight to jim spellman, our cnn correspondent on the ground in denver who is with us now by phone. jim, this is criticalthathe court has been weighing so heavily on this notebook. at last blush the prosecutors dumped their efforts to get their hands on this noteok, but now we're hearing that the chain of custody, the way it's be man haned may be a b problem in this case. >> well, you know, it's really interesting how this notebook even came to anybody's attention. we've discovered in these documents that the defense team for holmes went to the university and said there is a notebook, there's a package that will be mailed to you in the mailroom. we want it. because of that and
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